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We who are working with EcoCycleDesign are:

  • Anders Nyquist, arkitekt SAR/MSA, Anders Nyquist Arkitektkontor AB, Njurunda, Sweden
  • Karin Nyquist, arkitekt SAR/MSA, Karin Nyquist Arkitektkontor, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Peter Dean, arkitekt, Marion, MA, USA.


Customers include:

Carstedst Bil (FORD), TOYOTA Sweden and Europe, McDonald´s Sweden, Statoil Sweden, New Village Leadership Academy (Will Smith), Los Angeles, Daiwa House Japan, Tohoku Electric Power Company, Sendai, Japan, The Restoration Group, Japan, SEKAB Bioenergy Tanzania Ltd and many municipalities in Sweden have asked us to build ecocycle adapted.

We work with both our own projects and together. In cooperation, we develop EcoCycleDesign and spread knowledge and share experiences about EcoCycleDesign.

We have long experience of projects and we secure the continuity by involving the next generation in our projects. We also offer study-trips with presentations of demo-projects to show how our ideas are functioning in the field.

In order to be able to offer a broad competence and multiple resources, we cooperate with other companies and organizations, and we network in the same field. We are for example actively  involved in Clean Tech Region, County of Västernorrland, Sweden.